Online Graduate Certificate in Liberal Studies

All courses are designed by faculty and offered online as 8-week, 3-credit courses. Courses are offered throughout the academic year and summer.

Core Courses (9 Credit Hours)  
PHI 522 Advanced Critical Thinking 3 credit hours 
Students must take 6 credit hours from the approved list of courses below.  Students must take courses from at least two of the five fields of inquiry.  Courses used to satisfy one field of inquiry may not be used to satisfy another field of inquiry. 
Critical Thinking, Decision-Making, Ethics, Writing Skills  
PHI 532 Advanced Environmental Ethics 3 credit hours 
PHI 605 Advanced Healthcare Ethics 3 credit hours 
WRD 612 Ethical and Legal Issues in Technical Writing 3 credit hours 
WRD 614 Visual Rhetoric and Persuasion 3 credit hours 
WRD 702 Professional and Technical Writing  3 credit hours 
WRD 704 Technical Editing 3 credit hours 
Diversity, Global Dynamics, Cross-Cultural Competence   
A&S 600 Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion 3 credit hours 
AAS 500 African American Lives 3 credit hours 
AAS 560 Race, Ethnicity, and Politics  3 credit hours 
ANT 681 Health Care Inequalities  3 credit hours 
GWS 602 Perspectives on Gender Identities and Sexual Identities 3 credit hours 
GWS 603 Gender, Bodies, and Health 3 credit hours 
MCL 500 Intercultural Communication for Professionals  3 credit hours 
SOC 551 Health, Illness, and Disabilities 3 credit hours 
SOC 720 Race, Racism, and Representation  3 credit hours 
SPA 524 Approaches to Diversity in the Modern World: Understanding Latinx Cultures 3 credit hours 
Group Dynamics  
ANT 680 Business and Organizational Cultures  3 credit hours 
MAP 701 History of Critical Cartography 3 credit hours 
MAP 719 Social Impacts of New Mapping 3 credit hours 
PHI 566 “Bad Language: Propaganda, Slurs, Lies, and Bullshit” 3 credit hours 
Cultural Literacy  
ENG 502 Technology in Literature and Film 3 credit hours 
ENG 602 Contemporary American Literature 3 credit hours 
Research and Data Analysis   
MAP 671 Introduction to New Mapping 3 credit hours 
STA 570 Basic Statistical Analysis 3 credit hours 
STA 674 Regression Analysis and Design of Experiments 3 credit hours 
STA 677 Applied Multivariate Methods 3 credit hours 
STA 678 Statistical Computational Theory and Data Visualization: R and SAS 3 credit hours 
Elective Courses (3 credit hours)  
Students must take an additional 3 credit hours from the approved list of courses in the five fields of inquiry. Courses used to satisfy the core requirement may not be used to satisfy the additional 3 credit hours required as electives.
  Total Credit Hours 12


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